6:30-8:30pm Beginner Line Dancing (Check website for next class)


10-11am Divine Barre

7-8pm Divine Barre

8-9pm Hip Hop


7-8pm Beginner Ballet

8-9pm Heels 


10-11am Beginner Ballet

7-8pm Divine Barre

8-9pm Hip Hop


7-9pm Ballroom Class and Social (Check website for next class)


9-10am Divine Barre

10-11am Beginner Ballet


9-10am Divine Barre

10-11am Beginner Ballet


4 Class pass - $40

6 Class pass - $60 

Unlimited - $90 per month

Drop in Class - $15

Drop in Social - $10

Private Class -  $25 (30 mins) $40 (1 hour)

For more information about private lessons contact us! Email us at or call/text 570-231-0061.

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Adult Classes


Dance Fit

Want a workout? Well, here you go! Dancers in this class are always up and moving. Our Dance Fit classes aren't just steps to music, they're truly a journey set to rejuvenate your body and mind. We now offer two branches of Dance Fit : "Latin Ballroom®" and "100 years of Dance®".

In Latin Ballroom®, Dancers shake and move to the beats. We start with Cha Cha, work ourselves up to a Samba, take a quick cool down with a Rumba, and bring it back up again with Swing and Jive. We end class with some fun social dances. Dancers travel through the Countries inspired by the beats and culture. Get ready to shake those hips!

In 100 years of Dance®, students learn a combination of everything. Lets start with the roaring 20s and the Charleston, head through the next decades with a Swing and Boogie, don't forget the Twist and Mambo! Now lets Disco and Vogue. We head into the 2000s and finish class with some modern moves.

These classes were designed, created and are exclusively available at Ardance®.

Ballet (stretch)

Stretch out those muscles and increase mobility. Lengthen those legs and regain your balance. This class isn't just for former Ballet Students, any student is encouraged to take up Ballet! We start with stretches aimed to warm up bodies and release tension. Followed with simple Barre work, students are taught technique, posture, etc. This class flows naturally and no student is ever left behind! The journey is set to relaxing melodies.

Divine Barre

In a world filled with different forms of exercise from cardio to yoga and pilates, weightlifting and more, a new style of workout is emerging: Barre workouts. Here at Ardance we’re proud to introduce our own method : Divine Barre. Centered towards conditioning your mind and body, Divine Barre has benefits for both your physical and mental health. Results promised!


Come learn this elegant and beautiful style of dance with us. Improve your posture, relax your mind, reconnect with your significant other or have fun with our group, and learn some dances like the Cha Cha, Samba, Swing, Jive, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, etc. 


Grabs those heels (or sneakers), and get moving with us! Become a more confident you! Dancers learn walks, poses, and spicy moves. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable non-slip shoes.

Social Dancing

Grab your friends and have the night of your life! We learn a new dance every week, from salsa to swing! The studio turns into a dance club, don't miss it! 

We also offer Line Dancing. Take a look at the Event page and subscribe to our newsletter!