Do you need to have experience?

No, our classes are for all levels.

Do you offer Pointe classes?

Older Students are welcome to do Ballet en Pointe, however, teacher approval is needed. Often times students go en Pointe prematurely simply due to it being a "target”, “finishing line", or because they are "old enough". Pointe work is not to be taken likely, students should not be placed en pointe until they are mature and their muscles can support them correctly. Proper alignment, technique, strength, turn out, age, etc. will all be taken into consideration before a student is deemed ready to begin Pointe work or Pre-Pointe. 
A separate Pointe class will be added to the schedule in the future should the need arise.

Will you be doing a competition team for the kids?
Yes! Enrollment will be open for our students and through auditions. 

Do you offer recitals?

We do! We will be offering at least 2 recitals per year starting 2019. Participation is optional for all students. 
We will also be offering countless performance opportunities for our students. 

When did you open?
In 2018, we’re here to stay!

Do you have sprung floors?
Yes, for the safety and comfort of our dancers. For those not aware, sprung floors offer bounce and absorption preventing injuries. We have the highest grade European Dance floors installed!

What makes you better than your competition?

We don’t even consider our competition…. competition. Dance studios who praise this ideology of rivalry probably have something to hide. We are a drama and negativity free studio, every dancer is welcomed here.

Are parents allowed to watch?

Absolutely! They’re encouraged to. 

Do you accept credit card?

Yes, we accept credit cards. We offer monthly automatic payments as well for the comfort of our students.

Who teaches classes?
One our staff members (professional instructors), NOT elder students. Often occurring, studios may hide behind a name while elder students teach classes. We don't believe in this practice. All of our teachers are invested in the progress and growth of our students, fellow students can't offer such dedication.
Class numbers stay small insuring everyone gets adequate attention.

How do we sign up?

Contact the studio today: 570-231-0061. Class enrollment will close once the maximum number of students is reached, so don't wait!